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Our mission is to create ideas and solutions that advance and develop innovative and insightful leadership for businesses around the world.

Our goal at Interconnected Business Services, is to create principled business cultures that result in strong effective teams.

Aiming towards the ideal of enabling all organizations to achieve their goals, Interconnected Business Services provides advisory and on-demand management and financial consulting services in the US, Europe and the Middle East.

Our services are conducted virtually, our work is always intended to provide a clear benefit to the organization we work with, in both short and long term.

We have added to our services to include online courses and guides to provide  our clients with wealth of knowledge and reliable resources, that will arm them to expand and build businesses in such a powerful way that will positively impact their success in the marketplace.


List of available online courses and guides:

1- Creating Irresistible Offers for Business Success. 

2- Mastering Corporate and Business Due Diligence.

3- Creating Comprehensive Marketing Strategies.




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