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A year like no other – Lessons learned in 2023

When all standards, beliefs and strategies are put to the challenge, you start to question all your surroundings, even second guessing yourself. Instead of caving in and lose your confidence in yourself and your inner circle take a moment of reflection, and think:

  • There is really no meaning or need to pick sides, there is no such thing as constantly winning side, or constantly losing side. Keep focusing on who you are, what you believe in, and what you stand for, you eventually will attract those who are the same and that will be your winning team.
  • At some point, yes the whole world could be wrong and you are the only one who is right. Stay focused, accurate and well informed and eventually all will fall into its right place.
  • Don’t expect common sense, loyalty or even a compliment, it’s a world where the only constant is change itself. Stay focused, be the best at what you do and the best you can be only then even if you are surrounded by haters, they have no choice but to deal with you.
  • Choosing your inner circle is an ongoing process, people change, interests change, and it is a fast pace changing world.
  • When you have one or a few people who you can confide in, trust and have your interest at heart never let go.
  • The bottom line is: for you to have the upper hand, and form your own winning team is to maintain your focus, values and standards. Backed with accurate information and sharp skills you will reach your goals. Most importantly be concise and clear so you can walk on a clear path with no distractions, and NEVER lose yourself in the noise.
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