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The Art of Negotiation Part One

Sharp negotiation skills make the difference between gaining clients and having a slow business, when negotiating whether it was for your business or someone else’s behalf there is certain skills to be acquired, certain thinking method to be followed and more.

When sitting at the negotiating table, there is an unspoken protocol that must be followed, no one will come and tell you how to think or what to say and when, you need to figure that out and be present in the moment.

Especially, when the subject of negotiations means more to you than to the other party.

Therefore, you should gather all the information and facts about both the subject of negotiations and the parties, you should also weigh your pros and cons and put different scenarios for winning in case you were in the weaker position. You can’t expect to win it all, you need to know how much you will give up to get a certain amount of what you want.

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